US authorities have been hiding the leak of radioactive water at a nuclear power plant for several months

(ORDO NEWS) — In the US state of Minnesota, authorities covered up a major leak of radioactive water at the Monticello nuclear power plant for four months.

An environmental disaster at an object located on the banks of the Mississippi occurred back in November, but the public has only become aware of the incident.

According to FOX 9, citing a statement from the Minnesota Environmental Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), 1.5 million liters of water with radioactive tritium leaked due to a malfunction of the water pipes between two buildings on the site of the nuclear power plant.

The plant owner Xcel Energy said that the leak was localized, and the incident does not pose a threat to the population and the environment, since all the water is located on the territory of the facility, was not detected outside it and did not enter the river.

A spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Health, in response to criticism of the authorities, who hushed up the incident, said that the situation is under control and does not threaten the health of residents of the state.

“If at any point in time someone’s health is at risk, we will notify people immediately,” he said.

Now experts are monitoring the state of groundwater.

Earlier, activists said that the US media are hushing up the environmental disaster after the crash of a train with toxic substances in Ohio.


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