US authorities believe that people are too stupid to know the truth about UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — New UFO report is pure scam and those in charge think people are too stupid to know the truth about aliens, US congressman claims

We are still being kept in the dark about the truth about UFOs coming from other worlds, US congressman claims. This is a new report from the US Department of Defense on UFOs.

But speaking to The Sun Online, a US congressman warned that the report would be “rubbish” and that those in charge still believe that people are too “stupid” to understand the truth about the alien guests.

Republican Tim Burchett, representing Tennessee’s 2nd congressional district, rejected claims that the report would be made public this week.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence dossier is the first annual report on UFOs officially renamed Unexplained Air Phenomena (UAE).

Its publication follows a landmark congressional hearing in Washington in May and last year’s Pentagon UFO Report, which examined 144 reports of UFO sightings.

The 22-page report analyzes 366 cases, but only about half of them can be explained, according to people familiar with the report.

They include video taken by Reaper surveillance drones in the Middle East showing “spheres” flying around and then “suddenly disappearing from the screen.”

The report, to be released this week, is the first in a series of annual dossiers promised by the 2022 to 2026 US Defense Bill.

In a previous report, it was written that most of the recent incidents considered in it are caused by the actions of people, not aliens.

Such sightings have been linked to foreign tracking devices such as drones and weather balloons.

However, a significant part of the report and the UFO incidents described in it are classified and not available to the public. The US government refuses to publish this data, citing the interests of “National Security”.

Rep. Burchett: “It’s all about power. Most people believe there’s something else out there, they just don’t believe the average person can handle it.”

He pointed to an impressive 150 UFO sightings marked as “unexplained” in the last year alone, and added: “Our technology is better, now we can record everything. Any grandparent can take out his phone and take a video of these phenomena.”

Last week, US Defense Department spokeswoman Sue Gough acknowledged, “There is no single explanation that explains most of the UFO/UAP reports.”

“We’re gathering as much data as we can, following it where it leads, and sharing our findings as much as we can.”

She also added that the US government should be careful to avoid revealing “sensitive information” to potential foreign powers about what US intelligence knows,

“Until someone from the inside comes up with a recording, a photo, or something specific and puts it on the Internet, we won’t know the truth.” (Rep. Tim Burchett, US Congressman, Tennessee)

Burchett called the decision to edit much of the report a cover-up.

“What are they afraid of?” – he asked. “We are still not releasing the Kennedy dossier. There is no one alive today who could be involved in the assassination of Kennedy, so who are we afraid of embarrassing?

“People in power deny everything.”

Representative Burchett added: “I would make public every single file.”

He believes that if the report is released in its entirety, “we will finally know what really happened in Roswell, and we will find evidence of crashed alien spacecraft.”

In July 1947, an unknown object crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, sparking decades of controversy.

Witnesses claimed to have picked up strange materials with hieroglyphs from the ship, while others insisted they saw dead aliens among the wreckage.

On July 8, 1947, the military issued a press release saying they had discovered a “flying disc”, but officials later said it was a meteorological balloon flown by Project Mogul, a secret Cold War project.

This year, on the 75th anniversary of the mystery, a retired U.S. Air Force captain claimed to have figured out the clue to what had happened thanks to a few important words in a memo.

The ufologists also hope the new report will shed light on the so-called “Tick-Tock” video, which shows fighter jets chasing an unidentified object.

Another UFO reportedly “disabled 10 nuclear missiles” at a US base, and one expert said the global UFO phenomena could have been caused by the first atomic bomb tests in the 1940s.

But Burchett remains unconvinced that the forthcoming report will contain any truly shocking revelations.

Instead, he says, we’re more likely to get a “replay” of what we’ve seen before. “The cover-up will continue,” he added.

“Until someone from the inside puts up a recording, a photo or something specific and puts it online, we won’t know the truth,” he said.

Representative Burchett, who was first elected in 2019, is accustomed to having his views dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

But he believes that the situation is beginning to change in his favor.

“The only reason it’s being discussed in Congress is because the common people are pushing it into it.”

And he urged Americans to keep pushing for the full truth.

“Press on your chosen ones,” he said. “Every congressman and every woman is up for re-election this year. If they don’t do what you say, then vote for them to resign. That goes for any democracy.”

But he warns that most politicians don’t want the truth about UFOs to come out.

“Members of these committees come to me and say, ‘We have much more important things to do than discuss this,'” he said.


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