US Army develops mind reading technology

(ORDO NEWS) — United States military personnel will be trained to use brain waves to communicate on the battlefield. This will enable the military to interact with each other without words.

The corresponding project is being developed at the US Army Research Laboratory. It has already invested $ 6,250,000. Scientists from leading research institutions of the country are working on the implementation of the technology.

Experts have already managed to separate the brain impulses associated with actions and deeds from all others. To do this, American scientists used sophisticated innovative tools and mathematical models. This development is planned to be implemented in various fields of activity.

Among other things, it is proposed to use it to detect brain signals about stress before a person himself is aware of his condition. With the help of this communication system, the military will be able to mentally transmit commands to colleagues. At the same time, the American media emphasized that the technology will begin to be applied no earlier than in a few decades.


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