US arms and security stocks rise amid riots

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Investors and speculators can find a reason to trade almost any instrument based on current events, writes 24/7 St.

The focus in late May and early June 2020 quickly shifted from the COVID-19 pandemic to massive civil unrest.

Protests in the United States after the death of George Floyd went from peaceful to rioting, robbery, violence and other actions, and this led to the introduction of curfews and other localization measures in many cities in America.

On June 1, the stocks of many weapons and personal safety companies rose in price in response to current events. They might even have had to to look at window security films (similar to https://campbellwindowfilm.com/is-window-security-film-worth-it/) in order to feel safe from the increased riots and robberies across the States. Many of these stocks are micro-limited, and they tend to have serious price movements during certain periods of unrest and violence.

As with all companies and stocks, investors must conduct their own expertise. This is especially true for companies that most people have not even heard of.

American Outdoor Brands is a company formerly called Smith & Wesson. Its shares rose 9.5% to $ 11.82 shortly after opening. Its 52-week trading range ranged from $ 5.51 to $ 11.84.

Axon Enterprise is a company known to the general public for its production of TASER stun guns. Its shares rose 13% to $ 86.2. With a 52-week range from $ 49.8 to $ 90.1.

The last time Cemtrex shares were sold was up 150% to $ 2.34, with more than 25 million shares changing hands before the opening of trading and in the first 15 minutes of trading.

The company’s 52-week range ranged from $ 0.6 to $ 5.39, with a market cap of just $ 22 million. Cemtrex manufactures wearable and other smart devices that are used for security and surveillance, and also sells video monitoring and face recognition products.

Digital Ally manufactures wearable cameras for law enforcement. Its stock rose 85% to $ 2.07 on June 1 in the morning, and its 52-week range ranged from $ 0.64 to $ 3.25.

The company’s market capitalization is only $ 18 million, and revenue in 2019 is only $ 10.4 million.

Everbridge has already benefited from the coronavirus pandemic, it allows organizations and enterprises (including governments and law enforcement agencies) to massively notify individuals or groups before, during and after natural disasters and other emergencies.

In addition to warnings about severe weather, the company sends warnings about violence in the workplace, terrorism, power outages, weather alerts, massive hacker attacks or violations in the IT industry.

The company’s shares grew by only 2% and amounted to $ 149, and its 52-week range – from $ 59.85 to $ 165.79.

Mace Security International has long been forgotten by the investor due to its small size and lack of primary exchange, but it is a producer of pepper cans. Mace Security shares rose 33% to $ 0.21, in a 52-week range from $ 0.02 to $ 0.37.

Olin Corp. diversified in chemicals and coatings, but the company also owns the Winchester ammunition brand. The last time stocks went up 6.5% to $ 12.81, while the 52-week range went up from $ 8.76 to $ 22.91.

Shares of Saturn, Ruger & Co. last time rose 7% to $ 66.9. The 52-week interval ranged from $ 38.44 to $ 68.17.

VirTra provides training in the use of force and provides training services and accessories for law enforcement, military, educational and civilian units. Last time, the company’s shares rose 41% to $ 3.22, with a market cap of just $ 24 million and a 52-week interval from $ 2 to $ 5.3.

Vista Outdoor has many other products that are not only for hunting and shooting, but also the largest independent ammunition manufacturer. The last time the company’s shares rose 20% to $ 11.69, and its 52-week range – from $ 4.29 to $ 11.91.

Shares of home security companies working with business security services also rose Monday. Alarm.com Holdings shares rose 2.6% to $ 48.55, while ADT Inc. – 6.9% to $ 7.58. Cost of Vivint Smart Home Inc. grew by only 1% to $ 11.6, and trading volume was still rather weak.


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