US and Japan join forces to produce 2nm chips

(ORDO NEWS) — A significant part of the attention of the technological world is concentrated on chips – they serve as the heart of devices. The race for nanometers is one of the manufacturers’ priorities. The smaller the transistor, the more powerful the chip.

It is expected that the bilateral technology partnership of the countries will allow it to compete with the Taiwanese company TSMC. Today it is the market leader and serves more than half of the world’s demand for semiconductor products.

The most advanced process technology today is 4 nanometers. The Inter-University Center for Microelectronics is making plans for when the world will be able to achieve a process technology index of 0.7 nanometers.

Nanometer racing

The process technology refers to the size of transistors, which are the main design element of processors. The smaller they are, the less energy they require to operate and the more they can be placed on the same area of ​​the chip, thereby increasing power. Therefore, it is critically important for companies to gain such an advantage.

– According to the source, the US and Japan plan to launch the production of 2-nanometer chips by 2025.

– Both countries intend to cooperate in this matter at all stages – from research and design to the release of finished products.

– This will allow the two countries to develop their own microelectronics industry, rather than relying only on a Taiwanese manufacturer. In addition, it will positively affect the situation with the shortage of chips, which has been observed since 2020, when the world faced the coronavirus pandemic, which provoked a sharp increase in demand for electronics.

– Japan hopes that cooperation will allow the country to regain its former position as a leader in the global semiconductor market, whose share previously fell from 50 percent in 1990 to about 10 percent in recent years, when Taiwan has risen to the top position.

It is not yet known which Japanese and American companies intend to participate in the project. According to the source, IBM and Intel are interested in researching the 2nm process technology.

TSMC, in turn, plans to open a new facility later this year and start manufacturing chips using a 3-nanometer process technology.


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