US: an experimental coronavirus vaccine causes an unknown illness in a volunteer

(ORDO NEWS) — Johnson & Johnson announced that it will temporarily suspend clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine. The reason for this is the presence of an unexplained illness in one of the study volunteers. More company representatives did not provide any details.

The chief physician who was testing the new vaccine was initially afraid that serious neurological problems could be the reason for the stop. It is worth noting that this particular test was attributed to the main measures that are aimed at containing the pandemic. The stop followed almost immediately after a similar event that took place in the UK last month.

The company also said that the member’s illness is being carefully screened by an independent panel. Clinicians and safety specialists are also involved in the audit. It was added that such pauses are quite normal, especially if too many people are participating in the study.

To date, tests in India, Great Britain and some other countries have resumed again. In the United States, the situation remains unclear and further actions were postponed pending a regulatory review. Dr. William Schaffner added that gathering the right amount of information can take about a week, if not more.

In September, the American company J&J said that an experimental coronavirus vaccine received a strong immune response during both early and mid-stage trials. No further details were reported, because the company representatives adhere to the privacy policy.


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