US air force photographer says he saw ‘Alien Bases on the Moon’

(ORDO NEWS) — A camera repairman assigned to repair equipment at a secret base was shocked when he was shown photographs of what appeared to be a mysterious base on the moon.

Former US Air Force Sergeant Carl Wolfe claimed to have seen a “base” on the dark side of the Moon when he was called in to repair some faulty photographic equipment in the late 1960s.

It’s been 30 years since the alleged incident, and the man talked about how he worked at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia (USA) as a precision electronics repairman for NASA.

According to How&Whys, his boss told him to help out with some equipment at a nearby facility. To do this, he was given increased access to classified information.

He said that he went to the facility, which was full of people from different countries, not just from the United States.

Wolfe was then taken to a darkroom where the equipment he was supposed to work with was located. There was another person in the room, a pilot.

During the renovation process, the two men got into a conversation where the man told him that data from NASA cameras had been sent to CIA headquarters for processing.

And before that, they were sent for analysis to various parts of the armed forces.

The man told him that the new images showed structures on the moon that were apparently impossible to create using natural processes.

The pilot allegedly said: “We found… a base on the far side of the moon.”

Wolfe said that he was “shocked” by this discovery, and when the attendant noticed his reaction, he repeated: “Yes, the base is on the dark side of the moon.”

Wolfe was allowed to look at the photographs and claimed to be able to see geometric shapes and radar antenna-like masts commonly found on Earth.

Wolfe claims to have kept quiet about the events of that day for 30 years due to being bound by his security clearance.

In 2018, at the age of 74, he died in a bicycle accident in Lansing, New York.


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