US adds fuel to Hong Kong protests

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On May 28, the Chinese Parliament approved the development of a national security bill for Hong Kong . The document aimed at suppressing separatism in the United States is considered limiting a significant part of the autonomy of this region. And they threaten Beijing with sanctions, which, however, will hit Hong Kong itself the hardest. But this is of little concern to both Washington and the Hong Kong opposition, who are asking the United States for support.

Not all military men can boast of such coherence. But even the tea on the podium is poured strictly in line. In the same synchronous manner, the All-China Assembly today adopted a resolution, which gives it every right to approve the national security law for Hong Kong.

“This is a serious step towards the practice of“ one country, two systems. ”Which is in line with the Chinese Constitution and the Hong Kong Basic Law, as well as the interests of the entire Chinese people, including the people of Hong Kong,” said Li Zhanshu, chairman of the standing committee of the All-China People’s Assembly.

The principle of “one country – two systems” – even in the work of parliament. All-China Assembly – Responsibility and Discipline.

And deputies in Hong Kong today met in a very different way. The debate on the bill on respect for the Chinese anthem because of the fight is suspended three times. Especially distinguished guard makes in his arms.

“This legislative council is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and this is another way to put pressure on the Hong Kong people,” said Eddie Chu-Dick, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council.

No matter how the speaker tried to convey that Hong Kong has actually been an integral part of China for 23 years …

“People in every country have respect for national anthems,” says Matthew Chung, chief secretary of the Hong Kong administration.

… to pacify the protest camp failed. Bottles flew to the podium. As the police write in the protocol: “with a brown substance with an unpleasant odor.” And of course it was not a hymn.

The law by which Beijing intends to suppress separatism and anti-government activities here, as well as overt foreign intervention, was immediately called anti-democratic in the West. Accusing Beijing of depriving Hong Kong of autonomy.

Hong Kong authorities have explained everything.

“Let’s think rationally. As a resident of Hong Kong, I can tell you that I’m sure that the new bill will not do us any harm. It will not limit our freedom in any way. We will continue to develop as a dynamic community open to international cooperation,” Matthew Chung said , chief secretary of the Hong Kong administration.

But Secretary of State Pompeo added fuel to the protest bonfire with his statement to Congress: the United States no longer considers Hong Kong an autonomous region within the PRC.

The American television people continued this thought: “Let’s move on to direct quotes, as this is an important part, as it means that sanctions can now be imposed in accordance with the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act signed by President Trump last year.”

This news was immediately picked up not only in the USA and Europe. One of the leaders of the Hong Kong opposition, barely out of school age, is already urging Trump to intervene as soon as possible.

“We urge President Trump to heed the recommendation of Secretary of State Pompeo regarding sanctions on Hong Kong’s financial capital,” said Joshua Wong, the leader of the Demosisto party.

The fact that the sanctions hit Hong Kong, his opposition was not interested in before.

“Do you understand that there will be less money in Hong Kong and it will hit everyone?” “Yes, this is our goal for America to punish our leaders!” “But what will it affect all Hong Kong residents?”

“Yes, but America is fighting for us.”

Washington is so obsessed with the idea of ​​anti-Chinese sanctions that it again remembered the Uyghurs. Beijing violates their rights, like the rights of all Muslims – they are confident in the White House. The bill, according to which the United States is ready to freeze Chinese assets, has already been sent to Trump for signature.

“The decision made by the House of Representatives today is a very powerful step, supported by both parties,” said Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

The Chinese authorities traditionally reacted to these attacks, promised to answer in a mirror. And to all who will follow the US’s lead.

These countries included China in China, where the court rejected the appeal of Huawei’s fund director Meng Wanzhou, who was detained in 2018 at the request of Washington. All this time, she was awaiting extradition to the United States. A case that Beijing considers fully politicized. Like the current charges of violating Hong Kong freedoms. Which Beijing promises only to expand with the new law on national security. This freedom will simply be – from foreign interference in internal affairs.


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