US accuses WHO of hiding coronavirus information

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The World Health Organization will conduct an independent assessment of the international response to the spread of coronavirus infection. The announcement came amid criticism from WHO by the United States. Ostensibly in the interests of Beijing, information about the coronavirus was hidden there, and because of this, the Americans could not prepare for the pandemic.

States promise to end WHO funding unless WHO proves independent of China. How can she do this? That’s the trick, no way. The UN Institute, even purely formally, cannot be independent of the country that is a permanent member of the Security Council. Apparently, America is just looking for a scapegoat.

Until about the end of February, relations between the United States and WHO were ideal. Washington praised the organization and stated that America is 100 percent ready for the coronavirus.

“The coronavirus in the United States is under complete control. We keep in touch with all foreign partners. Our doctors and the World Organization work side by side, they work very reasonably. The situation in the stock markets makes me happy,” Donald Trump said then.

But in March, everything changed – the number of cases began to grow exponentially. And as the epidemiological situation in the country worsened, the rhetoric of the White House also changed. WHO was accused of incompetence, conspiracy with China and hiding information. Washington documented its claims this week, resulting in a four-page letter written on behalf of Donald Trump. A total of 14 points of charge. Most of them are attacks on China, whose justice cannot be proved or disproved.

At the first point, the Americans managed to sit in a puddle. The White House claims that UN experts have long ignored reports of a strange disease that came from the Middle Kingdom during December last year. Allegedly, the specialized magazine “Lancet” wrote about them. But the publication refuted this information: there were no publications.

According to Washington, on January 14, WHO announced the impossibility of transmitting the virus from person to person. In support of the phrase: “There is no clear evidence of this type of transmission at the moment.” Only now it’s enough to open the source to understand: words are taken out of context. In fact, the report said that “so far there is no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission, but research is ongoing.”

Moreover, even then, WHO representatives openly said: the virus is too similar to SARS and MERS. So, doctors need to proceed from the fact that it can spread among people.

If you believe some points from Trump’s letter, the World Organization was generally engaged in some kind of senseless sabotage.

“You warmly welcomed the ban on the movement of citizens within China. But at the same time, you strongly opposed my initiative to close the border of the country, allegedly out of respect for the Chinese who are traveling to the United States. I set the ban against your wishes,” Trump said.

What he had in mind, American journalists tried to figure out, but found no evidence of his words. WHO did not prevent the prohibition. Instead, as it turns out, the organization constantly turned to the authorities of the countries, including the United States, with requests to start a preventive fight against a new disease. But many ignored them.

“The World Health Organization warned that it is necessary to limit social contacts. But many governments in many countries listened to their specialists and took measures in accordance with their ideas. And, for example, scientists from Columbia University in the USA calculated: if they introduced measures of social distance in the United States a week earlier In the United States, there would be 50 percent fewer deaths, “said Guzel Ulumbekova, head of the Graduate School of Health Organization and Management, MD.

In general, judging by publications in scientific journals, fellow scientists have already assessed the actions of WHO: the organization responded to the epidemic as quickly as possible.

The first report from China about strange pneumonia was received by WHO on December 31, and on January 5 the first report was published describing the disease. The causative agent was discovered on January 7, and on the 12th WHO sends the coronavirus genome decrypted in record time to all countries. On 20-21, evidence was obtained of transmission of the virus from person to person. And on January 23, when the number of infected people barely exceeded half a thousand, the organization’s reports for the first time stated the high risk of spreading the virus worldwide. At this point, it should have become obvious to everyone: it would not work to contain the infection within the borders of China.

It turns out that the United States itself had at least a month and a half to prepare for the epidemic. But during this time, Washington did not launch mass testing, did not introduce measures of social distance, and did not receive personal protective equipment in hospitals. And in the end, the States turned out to be the most unprepared country for a pandemic: one and a half million sick and 90 thousand deaths.

But worst of all for Donald Trump, the coronavirus struck right before the presidential election.

“He was already in full swing to raise the flag of grandiose economic achievements, as a savior of the middle class and ordinary American. And then it suddenly happened. That is, it will not be possible to go to the polls with economic argument. Even the opposite. And then there is a natural question: how to file it? A guilty party is needed. Who is to blame? China is to blame, “said Fyodor Lukyanov, chairman of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, director of research at the Foundation for Development and Support of the International Discussion Club” Va Fuck. “

And together with China and WHO, which supposedly indulges in Beijing. Experts say: most likely, the United States has already firmly decided to refuse to finance the World Health Organization. And the conclusions of the independent investigation that they announced will not be able to influence this. However, the test was started, not for the sake of the Americans, but so that the lessons that SARS-CoV-2 taught people would not be in vain.


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