US accuses Russia of printing counterfeit Libyan currency

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Malta authorities seized counterfeit Libyan currency worth $ 1.1 billion, printed by the Russian Goznak, the US State Department said. US authorities urge Russia to stop “malicious and destabilizing actions” in Libya.

US welcomes the withdrawal of the Government of Malta false Libyan currency worth $ 1.1 billion, printed Russian Goznak, reported on the website of the US State Department. The report indicated that the seizure was announced on May 26.

The counterfeit currency was ordered by an “illegitimate parallel organization,” the State Department said. “The influx of counterfeit Libyan currency printed in Russia in recent years has exacerbated the economic challenges facing Libya,” the report said. The incident “once again emphasizes that Russia must stop its malicious and destabilizing actions in Libya,” said the State Department.

The report also emphasizes that the Libyan central bank, whose headquarters is located in Tripoli, is the country’s only legitimate central bank. The United States remains committed to combating “illegal activities that undermine the sovereignty and stability of Libya,” in collaboration with the UN and international partners, the Department of State emphasized.

Reuters agency linked the supply of currency to the east of Libya with Russia’s support of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. From February to June last year, Russia sent to Libya almost 4.5 billion Libyan dinars (at that time $ 3.22 billion), Reuters wrote last year. Goznak informed the agency that he would not comment on deliveries, referring to international commercial standards.


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