Uri Geller said that aliens are preparing to make contact with humanity

(ORDO NEWS) — The famous psychic Uri Geller (Uri Geller) said that extraterrestrial contact is coming, which will take place after many years of studying humanity. This is reported by the Daily Star.

This statement was made by Uri Geller after studying NASA documents indicating that aliens have been on Earth since ancient times. Geller believes that humanity will see a stunning alien spacecraft landing, which he claims will be similar to Steven Spielberg’s production.

In an interview with The Sun, he said, “I think they are studying us. I don’t know what they really want. “

Uri suggests that the first contact may occur on the grounds of the White House in the United States. Aliens will pre-contact the Earth to make their “spectacular” landing.

According to Uri Geller, this event will take place within the next century and it will be very impressive.

“I don’t think we are talking about thousands or even hundreds of years. If I had to make a rational and logical assumption, I would say that it will happen in 60-75 years, ”said the 74-year-old psychic.

The psychic of Israeli origin is no stranger to extraterrestrial work. According to him, earlier in this direction he worked with the CIA and, at the request of NASA, studied the wreckage of alien ships. He also believes that the Pentagon “knows a lot more, but they are not telling us.”

Geller doesn’t know why the aliens finally decided to reveal their presence, but he truly believes aliens are friendly. He believes that if they were not friendly, we would have been destroyed long ago.


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