Uri Geller claims that his power of reason moved the ship that blocked the Suez Canal

(ORDO NEWS) — The man who bends spoons with the power of reason made an unexpected statement. So, the man is sure that he used the power of reason to correct the situation on the Suez Canal. He believes that he influenced the ship, which got stuck and blocked the path to the channel.

In order to free the ship, several rescue teams had to be involved, as well as equipment that helped to move the Ever Given ship. A fleet of tugs and dredgers was used. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after the cargo ship was torn down.

Uri Geller disagrees with this position. After all, it was his “powerful power of reason” and the faith of the fans that helped to avoid disaster. He literally encourages his fans to follow his lead and use the power of his mind to move the ship.

The man says about his feat like this: “The task was not easy, but thanks to faith in myself and the support of people, my power of reason helped free the ship.”

Previously, he just as loudly announced his actions. The last time a man said that it was he who influenced Boris Johnson’s victory in the elections. If we approach the assessment of events soberly, then we can summarize that the influence of Uri Geller did not affect the course of events in any way.


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