Uprooted tree mysteriously returns to upright position in Ghanaian village

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of a village in Ghana were puzzled by a rather strange mystery after an uprooted tree suddenly and inexplicably returned to its upright position a week later.

According to local media reports, the curious incident began earlier this month when a powerful storm swept over the Dambai community. The weather was so severe that a rather large teak tree was uprooted from the ground.

When a resident of Mary Boama stumbled upon the wreckage, she began to remove branches to later use them as firewood. When the woman later returned to the tree, she was stunned to see that it had mysteriously returned to its original position without branches.

Being in charge of the delimbing and suspecting that there was some supernatural explanation for the tree standing upright again, Boama was understandably troubled by this mysterious development.

In this regard, fearing that her actions could bring negative consequences, she stated that she intended to turn to a “spiritualist” to understand this mysterious story.

“This is a clear case of a ‘miracle’,” muses Boama.

Adding another curious element to this mysterious story, resident Abraham Sapaku recalled hearing a “big sound” that rang out moments before it was discovered that the tree had returned to the state it was in before the storm.


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