Unusually cold winter hits Afghanistan

(ORDO NEWS) — The Afghan capital Kabul is freezing. Local residents are trying to adapt to the abnormally cold winter.

[local resident]: “The weather is so cold, we are very cold.

People have a lot of problems there is no water, no gas, we are trying to survive.”

[local woman]: “Because of this cold weather, we have so many problems.

There is no coal, no stoves, the children have no warm clothes.”

Cold weather has gripped much of Afghanistan. Such frosts have not been seen here for the last 15 years. In some places, the thermometers drop to minus 34 degrees Celsius.

Officials say 158 people have died in the past two weeks as a result of freezing temperatures and related floods, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Many children stopped going to school.

[Khujatallah, school teacher]: “It’s so cold at night and early in the morning that most of our students don’t come.

The older ones go, but the younger ones cannot come.

There is no gas to heat the room. It’s hard to focus on studying.”

[local]: “I call on the Islamic Emirate and the international community to take a serious look at us because it’s very cold this year and people are dying.”

All this further exacerbates the economic crisis that Afghanistan faced against the background of the reduction of international assistance.


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