Unusual tomb excavated in Istanbul

(ORDO NEWS) — In Turkey, archaeologists during excavations in the Haydarpasa district of Istanbul discovered an unusual Hellenistic tomb with a cremation chamber inside.

According to the Daily Sabah, an unexpected find was made during excavations at the Haydarpasa train station in Istanbul.

Work started here in 2018, when the repair of the platforms unearthed several ancient burials, a foundry, a holy spring from the Byzantine period, and a shelter built during World War II.

The new find is a brick tomb dating from the Hellenistic era. According to Rahmi Asal, director of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, this tomb is unique in its kind. It looks like it was specially built for cremation.

“This is a very important discovery,” notes Rahmi Asal. “This is the only thing from the Hellenistic period found here, in addition to the previously excavated Hellenistic slab. This is a very valuable find, one of the oldest finds made in the area.”

Preliminary analysis showed that the human body was placed in a tomb, inside which a cremation chamber was arranged.

That is, the body itself was cremated inside the tomb, which is not a typical practice of that period. This is indicated not only by the remains that survived during the cremation process, but also by a terracotta goblet and a bottle of perfume found in the same place. They were probably burial items. They have visible traces of fire.

“I have never seen such a cremation tomb from the Hellenistic period,” Rahmi Asal sums up. “Perhaps its study will give us much more valuable information.”


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