Unusual phobia makes a woman terrified of bathrooms

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the UK spoke about an unusual phobia, because of which she is terribly afraid of bathrooms.

Darcy Croft, a 49-year-old clinical hypnotherapist and mother of four, developed a fear of overflowing bathtubs after an incident that happened to her as a child.

When she was four years old, her mother was taking a bath, and at some point the ceiling collapsed on her from the top floor and water poured down.

As a result, no one was hurt, but little Darcy thought that the house would flood and her mother would die.

Now, everything related to flooding, including a clogged toilet and movies about floods, causes a woman to have panic attacks.

“I get muscle weakness, my breathing becomes rapid and shallow, my limbs and fingers begin to tingle,” Darcy explained.

Darcy’s husband and two children who live with them are sympathetic to her fears and, when she has a panic attack, immediately come to the rescue.

“There were times when I was left alone and took a bath. I had to force myself to take a deep breath to keep from passing out.

It is especially difficult for me to give moments when water is collected up to the sides.

I understand that this is all illogical and strange, ”the woman added.

To help herself deal with her phobia, she trained as a hypnotherapist, through which she learned that such fears can arise from childhood trauma.

Croft practices the acquired knowledge on herself, and this, according to her, makes life much easier. For example, she might take a candlelit bath to relax while not thinking about flooding.

In addition to his fear of overcrowded bathtubs, Croft has a fear of cinnamon despite loving the taste of it.

She explained that the smell of the spice gave her an anxiety attack. For those who have these phobias, Darcy recommends seeing a professional hypnotherapist.


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