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Unusual optical illusion caused heated debate on the web

Unusual optical illusion caused heated debate on the web

(ORDO NEWS) — An amazing optical illusion posted on social media has caused an uproar online as people debate which numbers were actually depicted there.

The image is a number embedded in a striped black and gray circle that will really test the eyes. The image also contains stripes sorted into jagged spirals, making the task of identifying the number even more of a challenge. Therefore, users strongly disagreed on what numbers were there.

Despite the mass of conflicting answers, some groups of people agreed with each other. Some said that the only number they could see was 528 hidden under the black and white maze. Others saw 45283.

However, these answers are actually incorrect. It turns out that the correct number hidden under the stripes is 3452839.

The illusion deceives the eye by playing on contrast sensitivity. This is the most important measure of visual function, which allows you to correctly see the difference between objects and what is in the background.

Contrast sensitivity is different from visual acuity, which measures how clear vision is at a given distance. High spatial frequencies make up detailed features such as sharp edges, facial features, and the like. Low spatial frequencies are more like rough images, where you can see the general shape of something, but not the detailed features.

The contrast sensitivity test measures how well the eyes distinguish between light and dark, which is very important when driving at night, for example.

In this image, all the numbers are on the same level, and all the curls are on the other.

People with higher levels of contrast sensitivity should be able to better understand what the real number is, and those with the highest level can even identify all seven numbers at once.


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