Unusual date: the girl met with the “late” wife of her boyfriend

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Great Britain, who turned 20, went on a date with a young man. Hannah had previously met him on the popular Tinder app. The girl could not even think that this date would be the strangest in her entire life. She had never felt so embarrassed before.

This is reported by Lancs Live.

During the quarantine, Hannah communicated with the guy for some time through the application. She was glad that she was called out on a date when the isolation ended, but she was not going to start any serious relationship. The British noted that she liked the guy and it was interesting to communicate with him, but something was not even supposed anymore.

On a certain day, they met in a small pub that was part of the Royal King’s Arms. Hannah placed the order and began to keep the conversation going. Her friend shared a very sad story. His wife passed away some time ago from cancer. He showed her a photograph and with all his appearance showed how hard he felt her loss. Hannah believed everything that was said and sincerely sympathized with the guy.

Initially, everything was just fine. But suddenly the guy looked up, became very pale and rushed towards the toilet. The British woman did not understand what had happened and began to look around. She noticed a girl who very much resembled the one that the boyfriend showed a few minutes ago. As it turned out, his wife was not dead, as he said.

Then it became known that the guy had not only a wife, but also was the father of two children. After some time, the “deceased” said that this was not the first time her husband told this tragic story. Hannah had a little chat with a girl who suddenly came, paid for the order and quickly left the pub.

Since then, the urge to date has completely disappeared. The British woman hopes that she will never again have to meet “dead” people while meeting with another guy.


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