Unusual cause of migraines discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — From residents of Australia , who suffered from severe migraines, larval tapeworm were found in the brain. This is the first human case of this parasite in Australia.

Another discovered cause of migraines is not pleasant, and has to do with nasty tapeworms.

Doctors at an Australian hospital found tapeworm larvae in the brain of a 25-year-old girl who complained of persistent headaches.

A condition known as neurocysticercosis occurs when a person accidentally swallows eggs of Taenia solium or pork tapeworm while eating food contaminated with the parasite. The larvae of tapeworms hatch in the intestines and are carried by the circulatory system throughout the body, even reaching the brain, where they turn into cysts (a temporary form of existence, characterized by the presence of a protective membrane that forms under adverse conditions).

Tapeworms are often found in the bodies of people living in developing countries. But this is the first reported case of such a disease in Australia. At the same time, the girl never left the continent in her life.

A resident of Melbourne experienced recurrent headaches from the age of 18 – she was diagnosed with migraine, with which she lived until she was 25 years old. When the pain intensified and strange vision problems began, doctors at the Royal Melbourne Hospital decided to do an MRI of her brain.

They are discovered lesion with a diameter of 8 mm, which doctors first mistook for an abscess or tumor. But after surgery to remove the cystic mass, they discovered it was “not human tissue” – the mass was teeming with tapeworm larvae.


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