Untwisted houses will provide Earth’s gravity on the Moon and Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — In order to create colonies on other planets where people could live for a long time, it is necessary to create earthly conditions for a person.

The most difficult thing is to ensure the earth’s level of gravity, otherwise weak gravity will destroy the body.

Japanese researchers have proposed a project of rotating houses that will maintain the earth’s gravity on the Moon and Mars.

Humans cannot live long without Earth‘s gravity. So you have to create it artificially

Kyoto University and major construction firm Kajima have announced a joint study to design an artificial gravity housing complex that, if successful, would allow humans to live normally on the Moon and Mars.

The researchers write : “If a person is born and grows up in low gravity, his body will change, and he will no longer be able to live on Earth.

We’re proposing artificial gravity housing… as a core technology to enable people to live in space and on other planets.”

The force of gravity on Mars is 38% of that of Earth, and the force of gravity on the Moon is one-sixth.

Scientists propose to build residential complexes in the form of inverted cones. The cone constantly rotates and creates a centrifugal force, which, together with the gravity of the celestial body, reaches the earth’s level of attraction.

The residential complex will contain the so-called “complex of basic biomes” with the volume of air, energy, food, vegetation, soil and fresh water necessary for human survival, and even a swimming pool.

The researchers say that people can live permanently in this closed, almost earthly environment, going beyond it only when necessary and for a relatively short time.

Untwisted houses will provide Earths gravity on the Moon and Mars 2
Lunar residential complex

Space paths

Scientists are also aiming to develop “space routes,” a public transportation system that will connect Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

In the future, as humans move between their home planet and colonies, the transportation system will also require artificial gravity and space radiation shielding to minimize the health impacts of space travel, the researchers said.

Years of astronaut flight have shown that weightlessness can lead to a range of health risks, including osteoporosis, stone formation, muscle loss and eye damage.

We wrote about a new study that shows that after long flights in weightlessness, bone tissue becomes thinner, and it is no longer completely restored even in terrestrial conditions.

Japanese researchers have yet to provide any details on the scale of investment in the alien construction project, but admit that attracting investment will be one of the main problems.


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