Until he listens to someone else

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Anthony Fauci has so far been spared the fate that strikes so many who come to Donald Trump with the truth. The medical adviser to the US president and respected immunologist is still the most important voice in the task force to combat the coronavirus in the USA. “As far as I know, I wasn’t fired,” said Fauci in an interview with the science magazine Science over the weekend. There seemed to be some doubt.

The director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases has recently stopped attending the almost daily briefings in the White House on the situation of the pandemic. Previously, his reaction to the President’s remarks at one of these press conferences had gone viral.

As Trump spoke, Fauci seemed to put a hand over his face to hide his despair – what he is talking about has been interpreted by many. And the expert was not afraid to correct the content of the President. Later, because he “could not jump in front of the microphones and push him away”. Maybe that’s why he’s been sparing the gigs lately.

If Fauci says that Trump is listening to him, many Americans would like to believe that. It is not easy. Because while the number of infected people is rapidly increasing, the president already promises that the US will soon be open for business again , the restrictions will “end soon”: “We cannot allow the cure to be worse than the problem.” Understandably, he had to put up with the question on Monday whether Dr. Fauci see it that way. In double negation, Trump claimed: “He disagrees,” and he is a “good man.” Too weak to have a calming effect.

“I told the president things he didn’t want to hear”

Because what US media reports from the White House sounds convincing. Trump is anything but enthusiastic about what not only Fauci recommends to curb the spread of the virus: social distancing and economic shutdown where home office is not possible, possibly for a long time. “I said things to the president that he didn’t want to hear,” Fauci told The New York Times. And there is a risk that Trump will ignore the advice of science and rather listen to the burdened entrepreneurs, the whine of his favorites from the Fox News programs, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has an unclear mandate in the work of the Corona – Crisis staff intervenes. The President hopes that at least some Americans will be able to go back to work by the end of the month. Fauci would bury his face in his hand again.

If Trump also listens to a lot of the experts, but picks up a lot of things elsewhere and then just goes ahead with something, it is actually extremely dangerous. For example, he recently recommended the malaria active ingredient chloroquine, which could help against Covid-19, that he had a “good feeling”. It sounded like a breakthrough to him: “It is very effective. It is a powerful medication.”

Experts denied that the corresponding treatments had already been approved or made sense. But apparently some people tried it anyway: a couple, both over 60, took the drug – the man died in the meantime, the woman is in critical condition. The president had previously claimed that he had ordered lots of chloroquine. “You can get it now, if you want, by prescription,” he said on Friday.

“Let’s go to work again, let’s live again”

Trump would love to spread hope, but it only creates new uncertainty in a situation that gets worse every day. Tens of thousands of Americans are infected and several hundred have died. The clinics are reaching their limits, many people are worried about their existence, have lost their jobs or fear that they cannot be tested or treated. What worries the president most about this does not seem to be the danger to life and limb of the population, but the threat to his re-election if the economy collapses.

And for this relentless look at what is happening, Trump also receives support. The Vice Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick , about says seriously, must now be discussed whether older Americans should not be sacrificed. He himself was ready to give his life so that the America that everyone loved would be preserved for his grandchildren. Saving the economy instead of human life: “I don’t want the whole country to be sacrificed,” said the 69-year-old. He recommends: “Let’s go to work again, let’s live again.” Trump himself could also be trusted with this strategy.

In any case, Fauci will hopefully continue to straighten out what the President has made of contradictory and sometimes dangerous promises and trivializations. When dealing with the White House, the immunologist said last, “you have to say some things one, two, three, four times and then it happens”. Until Trump listens to someone else.


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