Unknown disease strikes young people in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — In Canada, in the small town of New Brunswick, doctors discovered a disease worse than the coronavirus.

Today, a certain number of cases of diseases have been established. Symptoms are terrible: muscle atrophy, memory loss, impaired coordination. The cause of the disease has not been established.

The city is located in the northeast of the Canadian Peninsula. In other regions, such cases are not registered.

The disease affects the human nervous system. This results in frequent muscle spasms, partial memory loss, severe pain in the legs, insomnia, and even hallucinations. All patients are people aged 20 to 30 years.

It is known that the disease was first discovered 2 years ago. They just tried not to talk about the disease. And only recently a medical report was posted on the Internet.

The symptoms of the neurological disease are very similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJDSS). This is one of the very rare fatal brain lesions. To become infected with it, you need to eat infected beef meat. However, medical tests rule out this diagnosis.

Scientists believe that the symptoms that are expressed in patients are just part of the cluster of CJDSS syndrome.

How many people are sick? No one really says. Some sources call the number 48-50 people, others 150. It is also not clear what provokes the disease in young people, and whether the world should be afraid of a new pandemic.

However, it is clear that the problems are local in nature. On this occasion, environmentalists are sounding the alarm, and insist that examinations of the quality of water and soil be carried out.

Among the possible reasons: environmental degradation, toxic mollusks in local water bodies, exposure to herbicides.

The regional authorities of the Canadian city do not comment on the situation. They reject the “mortal threat” option and only pretend that there is no disease.


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