Unknown disease strikes chimpanzees in Sierra Leone

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 2005-2018, 56 chimpanzees died in Sierra Leone as a result of an unknown disease. Exactly the same number was infected.

Most experts assume that the disease was caused by bacteria from the genus Sarcina, as indicated by certain symptoms. Infected individuals suffered from diarrhea, vomiting and poor mobility.

In some situations, the disease manifested itself at an incredible rate. Chimpanzees went to bed without any signs, and in the morning they turned out to be dead.

The staff of the Sierra Leone Nature Reserve drew attention to the fact that the disease has a 100th mortality rate, because not a single animal has recovered.

Experts cannot say with certainty what exactly triggered the disease. They found Sarcina bacteria in about 68% of the samples. This suggests that not all chimpanzees have been infected with these bacteria.

Scientists want to call the new species of these bacteria Sarcina troglėtae. To date, research continues, because specialists have too many unanswered questions. In addition, they are trying to find cures and note that diseases with a 100th death rate are extremely rare.


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