Universe is constantly expanding. But what exactly does it expand into?

(ORDO NEWS) — Roger Leitch, a mathematician and engineer from the University of Bath, UK, tried to answer this question. The answer to this question will be in two parts.

First, when scientists need to describe a space  any space the mathematical tools and methods they use are in no way dependent on whether the space being studied is part of a higher-dimensional space.

Therefore, they can, for example, carry out a mathematical analysis of the surface of a sphere without taking into account the fact that the sphere is part of our everyday three-dimensional space.

The implementation of the mathematical description of the four-dimensional space-time is incomparably more complicated than the description of the surface of a sphere, but the principle is the same.

For example, we can calculate the shortest distance between two points in outer space and never once wonder if our universe is expanding into something “higher.”

Secondly, even if the Universe does expand into some higher-dimensional space, then we – with our current knowledge of physics – cannot know anything about it.

And we have no way to verify, as it is probably beyond our understanding.


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