Universe before death will arrange fireworks of an unprecedented scale

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are sure that before its death, the Universe will arrange an incredible fireworks. The last to explode are black dwarfs – extinct stars. After that, only darkness will remain.

In the future, the remnants of stars, called black dwarfs, will explode with incredible force, causing the last fireworks of the universe. Such conclusions were made by scientists who are sure that before death the Universe will still make itself felt, and then completely extinguish.

For quite a long time, astronomers have put forward a variety of theories as to what exactly the end of our vast universe will be. The basic laws of physics indicate that before the end new stars will cease to appear, galaxies will gradually begin to darken, then black holes will begin to disappear. After their disappearance, only energy and a huge number of subatomic particles will remain. When space cools down to absolute zero, then heat death of our Universe will come.

Theoretical physicist Matt Kaplan is confident that the end will not be quiet. Great explosions will occur throughout the universe. It is worth noting that stars that have a small mass do not explode in supernovae. They gradually shed their layers until only the core remains, the size of which corresponds to the size of our planet. The remnants of these stars are called white dwarfs. They cool down for a very long time and, as a result, turn into black dwarfs.

Kaplan is confident that the explosions could start in 10100 years. This googol number is a number that is represented as one followed by 100 zeros. In this case, the explosions of black dwarfs will also continue for a fairly long time. As a result, complete darkness will appear around black dwarfs, and supernovae will become invisible.


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