United States unexpectedly discovered a new type of nuclear submarines in China

(ORDO NEWS) — Satellite images of a Chinese shipyard have suggested that the country may have developed a new class of multipurpose nuclear submarines, Reuters reported.

The pictures were taken in the Chinese port of Huludao in Liaoning province.

However, it is difficult to tell from the images whether the submarines belong to an entirely new class or are upgrades to an existing model.

It is assumed that the changes relate to the addition of vertical launch missile silos for guided missiles, as well as an upgraded propulsion system.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese military conducted exercises at sea and in the airspace near Taiwan.

The maneuvers were carried out from 6 to 8 May in the sea area and airspace to the east and southwest of the island of Taiwan. The purpose of the exercise was to increase the combat capability of various types of troops in joint operations.


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