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United States: Three signs that we live in a banana republic

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A weathered and torn American flag is shown in Detroit Tuesday, April 14, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

(ORDO NEWS) — Americans live in a banana republic, according to an article in American Thinker. In support of his words, he cites three “unmistakable signs”.

Satirist Sol Luckman, in his Angelic Dictionary, caustically defined the banana republic as “a lawless society ruled by apes.”

It feels like this definition is one hundred percent suitable for today’s America. Almost 80% of Americans believe that we live in a two-tiered justice system: one law for some, another for others. And a recent Gallup poll recorded an all-time low level of trust in all three branches of the federal government — the Supreme Court (25%), the president (23%), and Congress. Moreover, of the sixteen institutions mentioned in the survey, the US Congress turned out to be the lowest, gaining a meager 7% of confidence! And even against the background of other anti-records, confidence in the presidential administration collapsed the most in 2022 — by as much as 15%. It’s true: Americans not only believe that lawlessness reigns in the country, but that they are ruled by a pack of monkeys! That is, it is not a secret for them that we live in a “banana republic”.

Three unmistakable signs will help you make sure of this:

(1) Language manipulation and the cult of the left

The most powerful political weapon of the left is their talent for twisting the meaning of words. For decades, Democrats have stigmatized anything that doesn’t fit into their worldview as “hateful” — and generally banned other viewpoints as “offensive.” When the authorities have played games with the biological sex so much that they themselves can no longer distinguish boys from girls, this is a sure sign that they are crazy. One school board in Wisconsin became so frightened of the language police breaking in on everyone that they replaced “girls” with sterile expressions like “owner of a vulva.” When supposedly teachers are afraid to say the word “girl” out loud, this means that we live in a banana republic!

Joe Biden and his communist brigades ruined our economy and sent us into wild inflation. In a less banana era, the political implications would be enormous. But now regime officials and media propagandists are simply rewriting the meaning of the recession and proclaiming why not North Korea? — that never before have Americans been so rich!

The answer is simple: language manipulation does not allow rational discussion and puts an end to reasonable disputes. Propaganda distorts reality so much that the truth is established only with the blessing of the state. And when the government destroys objective meaning, it becomes the god of the New Age.

(2) Electoral legitimacy and political persecution

Today, the federal Leviathan has two standing orders: (1) Put Trump in the ground! and (2) to defend at all costs the irremovable “mono-party” establishment and the bureaucratic deep state. When intelligence doesn’t turn up new “evidence” that President Trump is a Russian spy, the FBI and Justice Department bombard him with accusations they wouldn’t dare to bring against Clinton, Biden, Bush or Obama. Worthy thanks to the president, who not only refused a salary, but also in every possible way increased the well-being of middle-class Americans, strengthened their security and cared for their future.

In the summer before the 2016 presidential election, FBI Director James Comey publicly announced Hillary Clinton’s criminal liability for storing secret emails on a private, insecure server, after which he admitted that “no sensible prosecutor” would initiate a case against her. The Obama IRS was accused of persecuting conservatives for their political opinions, but the president assured the nation that the apparent scandal was devoid of “even the slightest hint of corruption.” Obama’s “co-pilot” Attorney General Eric Holder was charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents on the failed Operation Speed ​​and Fury to combat gun trafficking, but the Justice Department refused to prosecute – as expected.

But for six years, Americans have seen President Trump and his associates (including Steve Bannon, recently convicted of the same crime from which Eric Holder so easily “jumped off”) hounded by the corruption-ridden Justice Department and the FBI and vile state prosecutors, and the pathetic, Machiavellian Congress shamelessly staged show trials with no hint of justice, impartiality, or fairness. Democrats get off lightly (remember the recent story of Nancy Pelosi’s husband: he was caught drunk driving, but he didn’t get anything for it), while Republicans and Trump supporters invariably get clownery with Soviet-caliber justice, impeachment theater and a rotten trial. The fact that some are more equal than others is perfectly visible to everyone.

(3) Forced Consent and Dependence on the Government

The formula is simple: obedience + financial dependence = enslavement by the state.

Our Leviathan knows no other mathematics. For the sake of even more power, the rich legislators will bankrupt the whole of America. Racist provocateurs will easily burn entire cities to the ground, if only the Antifa and Black Lives Matter stormtroopers intimidate the Americans and bring them to their knees. Medical hirelings will issue anti-science orders, inject Americans with an experimental “vaccine”, force them to wear masks and quarantine them just because they can overwhelm them with authority. Religious fanatics who have made themselves an idol out of “climate change” do not mind if, because of their false prophecies, Americans are deprived of free will and plunged into poverty, both physical and spiritual. The poorer Americans – in every sense – the more they need handouts from the state. Dependency is never “fair”, because the soul always gets poorer from it.

“Because I said so” is a bad approach for a nation that claims to be free, but it embodied the Biden administration’s obsession with illegal regulations and the police of thoughts and words. The government’s dictatorship over the COVID-1984 pandemic, its attack on freedom of speech, where everything it doesn’t like becomes “disinformation” and is subject to censorship, and the ridiculous panicking about “climate change” – the arbitrariness of the authorities has not only brought us rampant inflation, but also became the new normal. However, totalitarianism in itself is not new—and certainly not the norm.

As you know, the World Economic Forum decided that Westerners “will not have anything of their own, but will be happy.” And the Democrats were imbued with the clowning of the evil oligarchs under the slogan “We will rebuild and better” and adopted tax and budget laws on “climate change”, the Marxist redistribution of wealth and tax levies. This suggests that they are serious about putting the WEF plan into action and driving us all into indentured slavery.

And when everything falls apart, and this always ends, no matter how much communism is reborn in a fashionable and “progressive” shell in the spirit of “we are all in the same boat”, the DC mobsters will watch society crumble without feeling the slightest remorse conscience. Their bureaucratic impunity is fueled by rampant narcissism. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will never apologize for Russiagate. And High Priest Fauci is for nationwide lockdowns that have killed some and deprived others of their livelihoods. They weren’t attacked.

So remember: when the satraps escort you to the banana republic, make a banana daiquiri. Do not miss a single opportunity to walk through how corrupt and illegitimate the vengeful monkey elite settled in Washington. Republicans, Democrats, it doesn’t matter: a plague on both your chambers! I am sure that His Eminence Fauci and his medical representatives will find a vaccine for her!


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