United States bombed Japan in World War II, and after it ended, the countries became the best allies. But how?

(ORDO NEWS) — The amazing metamorphosis was actually dictated by the sole purpose of the United States.

During World War II, the United States and Japan fought as implacable enemies.

Nevertheless, during and after the Cold War, Japan may have become America’s closest and most trusted ally in the Asia-Pacific region. How did they manage to turn from enemies into allies so successfully?

Japanese reversal

It is hard to imagine such a profound turnaround. In December 1941, the surprise Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor shocked America, formally dragging it into the conflict.

Nearly four years later, the US dropped two devastating atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, effectively ending the war.

After that, she subjected Japan to a seven-year post-war occupation, which eliminated the military forces of the defeated country and radically changed its political structure.

But after the war, America’s goal was not only to establish peace and restore Japan.

Faced with a new world order, the rising superpower sought to turn the small but historically powerful Pacific island nation into its Asian stronghold, which was supposed to “contain” the USSR, which the United States so feared.

To do this, the American occupiers learned important lessons from the aftermath of World War I.

They took advantage of the desperate economic situation of the Japanese population and disillusionment with its government and military to sow the seeds of democracy and rewrite the constitution.

Instead of humiliating the defeated country and demanding huge reparation payments like those that brought down the German economy, America paved the way for a more positive relationship with the defeated Japan, especially with its emperor.

Fearing mass starvation in the devastated country, the Americans airlifted food to prevent a humanitarian crisis and possible ensuing unrest.

Instead of trying the hawkish emperor Hirohito for war crimes, the US strategically allowed him to remain on the throne as a figurehead.


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