Unique two-tiered tomb found in royal mausoleum in China

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, archaeologists, while carrying out survey work on the territory of the royal mausoleum, unearthed tombs that were not previously known to scientists. One of them turned out to be unique, as it is an amazing two-tiered structure.

It was made in the central part of the country, in the Chinese city of Changsha. A team from the Municipal Institute of Archeology excavated 21 tombs from the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 25 AD).

Archaeologists note that among the two dozen tombs found, one turned out to be truly unique. It is a complex two-level tomb. Scientists note that such a structure is rarely found in the province of Hunan, where the city of Changsha is located.

“If our hypothesis is confirmed, it will provide important clues for studying the development and distribution of two-tiered tombs during the Han Dynasty,” said the head of the excavation, Zhou Baodong, adding that a total of 234 different funerary objects, mostly pottery, were found in the tombs.

Experts suggest that other tombs found may be the so-called minor tombs of the royal mausoleum. Their architecture hints at this – they are earthen pits.

As Zhou noted, they can be divided into two types: tombs with passages and without them. Many of these ancient tombs may have been family burials.

The fact is that a significant part of these graves is located in the neighborhood, side by side.

Therefore, archaeologists suggest that the tombs could be joint burials of married couples or members of the same family.

Zhou said the new finds could provide scientists with additional information to study the burial system in Changsha during the Western Han Dynasty.


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