Unique golden disk found in 7th century grave

(ORDO NEWS) — In Switzerland, archaeologists have unearthed a previously unknown cemetery where important people were buried more than a thousand years ago. In one of the burials, a large collection of jewelry was found, including a unique golden disc.

According to the Switzerland Times, the ancient cemetery was discovered by accident during the laying of the gas pipeline. It is located in the Kleinbasel district in the Swiss city of Basel.

Earthworks were suspended. The place was examined by archaeologists, who have already identified 15 graves. Some of them turned out to be rich in funerary artifacts, which indicates the status of this cemetery. Apparently, people from the upper strata of society were buried on it.

This is hinted at, in particular, by the grave of the 7th century, in which a 20-year-old girl was buried. Unfortunately, this burial was seriously damaged during construction work. Therefore, the remains are only partially preserved. However, the entire funerary collection has been well preserved.

The most curious item was a rare gold disc-shaped brooch. It was made of several gold plates of various thicknesses and decorated with gold wire filigree. In addition, the disc is encrusted with precious stones.

The brooch was placed around the neck of the deceased. Scientists suggest that she probably fastened the cloak in which the girl was buried, but which has completely decayed over the past centuries.

A necklace of 160 glass, amethyst and amber beads and a leather strap adorned with metal crosses, which ended in a large amber pendant, were also found in this grave.

The waist of the deceased was wrapped around a belt with an iron buckle and a silver tongue. Hanging from his belt was an ancient purse containing punctured Roman coins and a bone comb.

Among other notable burials, archaeologists note the grave of a child, which contained several valuable metal items at that time, including a large belt buckle with silver inlay, scissors and a comb.

In another grave, a stone sarcophagus was found, probably of a famous warrior. Analysis showed that the face of this man was disfigured by a monstrous scar left from a blow, apparently with a sword.

Moreover, the nature of the injury indicates that even in modern conditions, his life would be difficult to save. However, he survived – a laboratory study confirmed that he died many years after the terrible wound had completely healed.


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