UNION OF NINE – a secret society from India older and more powerful than Illuminati

(ORDO NEWS) — Secret societies of the Illuminati, Masons, although secret, but only lazy and raised on a desert island does not know about their existence. Home-grown researchers of all stripes, and not only home-grown ones, but also comrades with scientific degrees, are looking for their secret meeting places, signs on banknotes, hints left by them in films and on the covers of popular magazines.

They shoot, of course, films about this and countless videos on YouTube, programs on the well-known channel. And everyone already knows that the members of this society are very rich and influential, they form a secret world government, communicate with aliens, or maybe these themselves, like their … reptilians. Well, you have probably seen and read all this. But you hardly know that in India there is a more influential and ancient society. It is called the Union of Nine. It is clear why – he has a stable composition of 9 people.

We found out about him because of a banal information leak. It was founded, according to legend, by Emperor Ashoka in 273 BC. The reason for the emergence of common sense, to create a secret society, was the bloodiest battle in the history of India, in which more than 100 thousand people died.

secret society from India

The emperor, observing the wild motchilovo on the battlefield with the use of the “weapons of the gods” (as the “Mahabharata” says), suddenly realized that give people freedom, they will destroy each other at the root. And mankind has a great tendency to invent and use all kinds of “pribluda” in order to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Straight human brain is sharpened for this. And if you still give him a “divine” (read alien) weapon, then everything is gone. Ashoka decided to create a secret society that would counteract the urge of humanity to self-destruction.

This is how the Union of Nine came about. Members of this society gently and unobtrusively wrestled the “weapons of the gods” from people and hid them well. Each of the nine adepts of the society, who were prominent sages of that time, had to keep a book with records of the most diverse processes in science and society.

secret society from India 2

The goal of society has become every kind of resistance to progress aimed at the self-destruction of mankind. Hidden grandiose inventions and discoveries that can be used to harm humanity. The Union of Nine is credited with knowledge of anti-gravity vehicles and even time travel. And some extraordinary knowledge that suddenly appears in the world is considered a leak of secret information of society.

For example, such a leak is credited with the emergence of judo wrestling. They are also credited with eliminating highly intelligent comrades who made great discoveries, such as Giordano Bruno. And also the removal of knowledge about electricity from the Egyptians and Sumerians.

secret society from India 3

By the way, society gradually expanded beyond India and embraced the whole world. And its members, they say, now hold very significant posts and play a big role in world politics. There is a rumor that even Pope Sylvester 2 was among them. And the key question: who leaked the information about the Union of Nine? For the first time, the French consul Louis Jacolliot told the world about them in the 19th century. The talkative Frenchman argued that the union possesses incredible knowledge in the field of atomic energy for the 19th century, even possesses the ability to wage psychological warfare. And the most interesting thing, in his notes, Jacolliot says that the secret society keeps the most valuable information in our Samara region and the Orenburg steppes.

So that’s it, and you Washington and the Vatican, and Orenburg and Samara do not want? And that, quite a good place for secret knowledge, why would they look for them in Samara? Secret knowledge is recorded in nine most valuable tomes, which members of the secret society have been leading since the 3rd century BC. And there is described such that simply, mascara the light. Unique knowledge in all fields of science and technology. If they were used purely for good purposes, then you and I would have already flown to Venus, as to the Crimea, and we would not be afraid of any byaka virus. But members of society fear that people will use this knowledge only in order to quickly kill each other. Therefore, they hide them.


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