Unidentified flying object hovered in the sky over a Japanese city

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — An unidentified flying object was recorded in the sky over Japanese territory. The local police immediately began to panic, because all the UFO reports turned out to be real.

A white ball was noticed by a huge number of people, and photos and videos immediately began to appear on social networks. At the moment, the police are looking for owners of this facility. At the same time, people had a huge number of questions and the main one is that do aliens really have such primitive technologies?

On June 17, a white hanging ball was fixed over the city of Sendai in Japan. He was reported on the NHK television channel. Local residents immediately began to bother police with calls, because they did not understand what was happening. It was not specified whether the police immediately responded to allegations of an alien ship, but at the moment the verification is already underway.

To get a good look at this object, the police used a helicopter for this purpose. As it was established, a UFO is a white ball that hovered above the city at an altitude of about one and a half kilometers. The ball had a propeller, and a cruciform structure was present at the bottom of the object. It was also possible to make several as detailed photographs as possible.

The police immediately sent inquiries not only to the Ministry of Transport, but also to the meteorological office. Quite quickly the answer came that these organizations have absolutely nothing to do with a strange object.

It is worth noting that the ball really resembles a meteorological probe, but only equipment of this type cannot for a long time hang in one place in the air. This is especially impossible if there is even a slight breeze.


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