Undisturbed ancient Roman tombs discovered in Crimea

(ORDO NEWS) — A burial complex of the 2nd century AD was discovered in Sevastopol. This was reported by the press service of the My History Foundation.

The complex is located on the territory of Tauric Chersonese. In particular, a funerary stele made of white marble was found there.

She was marked with the burial place of “a very important citizen of Chersonesos”, according to the Institute of the History of Material Culture.

On the grave there is an image of a man in a toga, sandals and with a scroll in his hand. The tombstone inscription reads “his name is Ariston, son of Ariston.” Most likely, it was a statesman.

A few days later, another tomb was discovered, also with a white marble stele. This time, a woman was depicted here in the ancient Greek himation cloak, and the inscription read ÔÇťAnnion, daughter of Aeschines, son of Heroides, 18 years old. Goodbye”.

Another find of archaeologists is the columbarium tomb, which is a monumental stone structure measuring 6.45 by 4.50 meters, made of carefully processed and fitted limestone blocks.

According to the head of the expedition, Sergei Solovyov, archaeological work on this site has just begun. But he believes that scientists are dealing with an intact and undisturbed complex. Analogies are known to him only in Turkey, Greece and Italy, but not in the Black Sea region.


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