Under Trump, America got ugly to cry

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — America makes me sick. This America that I loved so much, on which I wrote so much, I no longer recognize it and the spectacle it gives me day after day disgusts me. Since the advent of Trump, she has become ugly to cry and sinking into stupidity which no one knows the limits, she behaves with a vulgarity that leaves you speechless. And with such thundering stupidity that she shows herself incapable of stemming the Covid-19 pandemic, which found in America its true promised land, reports Slate.

For a long time we will wonder how a nation so enlightened, so sure of itself, so inventive, daring, creative, could succumb to the calls of a swagger who alone represents the quintessence of the interstellar emptiness, the very embodiment of the negation of everything that can resemble human intelligence, directly or indirectly. Trump is beyond ordinary stupidity; he levitates at the edge of bullshit when the latter gets dressed up in the tins of intolerance, sarcasm, infantilism, brutality and shameless lies.

Even the bald one that I am continues to tear my hair out when Trump speaks. Especially in these times of pandemic where he seems to have reached a point of no return, a kind of climax of his inner genius which gives his words a tinge of absolute unreality as if, overtaken by events, crushed under the weight responsibilities, his mind had no choice but to get lost in the great night of ignorance where sparkles a constellation of theories as lame as lame. Trump does not think, he is fabricating all the time.

A traveler who has not touched the ground for three long years, listening to him perish, would consider him the greatest prankster, a huckster whose place would be more readily located at the entrance of a commercial party, when it comes to entice the passer-by with reckless promises. It seems that with him nothing has ever worked, neither the learning of elementary knowledge, nor the emergence of a semblance of rationality. As if it were evolving in a completely closed world where, impervious to the universe of knowledge, to the reasoning of science, it sufficed for itself in a sort of rarefaction of thought, which would be replaced by the appearance of excessive pride.

Worse, it even seems devoid of common sense, of this quality which allows some to hide, behind the facade of agreed speeches, imbued with popular wisdom, the deficiency of all cognitive capacity. Anyone who would like to believe in the faculty of the human being to emancipate himself from his ordinary mediocrity would understand the frequentation of Donald Trump the total impossibility of his prediction. Trump would manage to despair the most devout of educators who, faced with such a propensity to hear nothing about things in life, would find suicide the only possible escape.

And that such an individual has managed to convince millions and millions of individuals to elect him or even to re-elect him to the highest office says a lot about the dereliction of a people who, by dint of turning their backs to the culture and the refinement of thought, succumbed under the weight of his monstrous obesity.

The Germans of the past century believed the prophecies of a failed painter who promised them opulence for a thousand years; Americans today praise the genius of a man who offers them to swallow disinfectant liquid to fight the Covid-19. Or swallow medicines of which we know, in certain circumstances, the perfect danger. Or to deny the very existence of the virus in order to continue living as if nothing had happened, in the always unrestrained search for profit. And in the middle of corpses every day more numerous.

America has sunk into the great hole in history.

It remains to be seen whether it will continue to dig.

Or if, in a final burst, she will give herself one last chance.


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