Under the ice of Jupiter’s satellite, there may be a higher life form

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Probably, today almost everyone knows that Jupiter has a satellite, which is called Europe. It is completely covered with ice, the layer of which reaches 24 kilometers. Scientists suggest that under it, liquid water may well be present. If so, then the satellite becomes a potentially habitable object.

Monica Grady believes that under the ice of Europe there may be a life that resembles octopuses in some way. Moreover, this form of life can be much more complicated. Other scientists have conducted additional research on how life could have spread through space as a result of impacts from asteroids and other space objects.

Some of the results turned out to be quite favorable so that life could spread within the solar system. In the case of Europe, for the development of life, the effect of ordinary microorganisms may be quite enough.

Experts also added that it would take at least 2 billion years to get terrestrial microbes to Europe through meteorites. During this time, microbes are likely to die. That is why life on a satellite can only be of local origin. It is worth noting that Grady believes that life can exist in other parts of the galaxy, because humanity today has studied only a small part of it.


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