Under the glacier of Antarctica, our anomalous heat source

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have carried out geophysical measurements on the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. For this, a magnetometer was used, which was previously installed on board the helicopter. 

The study showed that there is a sufficiently strong geothermal source in this area, which provokes the melting of the glacier from below. It is reported by Phys.org.

A huge glacier is located in the western part of Antarctica. Today it is considered to be one of those glaciers that collapse too quickly. At the same time, experts believe that it is Thwaites who are to blame for the fact that the level of the world ocean has risen by almost 4%. 

In the near future, this figure may become even higher, so the scientists decided to carefully check the ice mass. The reason for its destruction was unexpected. Previously, scientists believed that the glacier was melting too quickly due to the rapid climate change.

In fact, the reason for the destruction of Thwaites lies in an anomalous heat source, which is a geothermal flow acting on the ice mass from below. The only explanation for the anomaly is that heat comes from the depths of our planet. 

Scientists have noted the fact that a huge glacier is located directly above the tectonic depression. In this place, the earth’s crust is much thinner than in other regions.

Today, experts continue to research in this area to determine the degree of heating of the ice and establish the exact reasons for the occurrence of geothermal flow.


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