UN warns millions of people could get measles soon

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Due to the reduction of measles vaccination in many countries, there may be a rapid increase in cases. According to the UN, 117 million children can become infected.

24 countries froze vaccination, and 13 countries partially refused it. Measles affects 20 million people annually, mainly children under five years old. The worst thing is that the disease can be fatal: 140 thousand people died from it in 2018.

Coronavirus also harms other vaccination programs, in particular against poliomyelitis and tuberculosis. Countries do not have the financial resources to support all previous health programs.

In addition to diseases, other misfortunes await people – locusts. It will affect East Africa. This will be the second wave, which will be 20 times more dangerous, according to experts. Locusts attacked eight states two months ago. It was the largest invasion in 70 years.

Locusts pose a great threat to crops. Her flock covers an area of ​​half a square kilometer. This is enough for 35 thousand people to starve. Now it is not completely clear how the authorities will fight locusts against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.


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