UN warned of the emergence of a more dangerous strain of COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — The UN is confident that a completely new strain of coronavirus may appear very soon, which can be several times more dangerous than Omicron.

A new virus could well cause many new infections and deaths. Such a statement was made by UN Secretary General António Guterres during his speech to the General Assembly. He noted the fact that all states should immediately go into “emergency” mode in order to combat the spread of a dangerous virus as effectively as possible.

Also, the Secretary General added that Omicron can only act as a warning, so stopping the infection should be the main topic for each individual country. It is worth paying attention to the fact that earlier Guterres criticized the way the vaccination of the population is progressing.

He believes that the pace should be increased. In addition, the inequality of immunization against coronavirus is also a cause for concern. In this regard, the UN Secretary demanded that a special vaccination plan be developed in the near future, which could be called international.

During the statement, it was pointed out that countries should in no case use the coronavirus as some kind of cover in order to influence the rights of people or reduce the freedoms available to the media.

Particular attention must be paid to the fight against disinformation, which has an extremely negative impact on the world’s population. We need to prepare for the next outbreak right now, and it is important to maximize the credibility of WHO.

To date, the most contagious strain of coronavirus is considered to be Omicron. It has a short incubation period. The transmission rate of the virus is 7 times higher than other types.

It is worth noting that already on the first day after infection, a sick person can begin to infect those with whom he contacts. In addition, after the appearance of Omicron, not only adults, but also children began to become infected much more often.


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