UN urged to abandon methods of combating climate change

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists from 27 countries called on the United Nations (UN) to abandon the current model of combating climate change. The researchers explained their position in a letter, reports The Independent.

The letter was signed by 100 scientists, including NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory data scientist Peter Kalmus.

They called for abandoning the Sustainable Development Goals program, which was approved in 2015 and suggested methods for solving global problems: social, economic and environmental.

Scientists have said that the world’s problems cannot be solved by the same ideology that created them.

Among the disadvantages of the program, they also indicated that it gives preference to material and technological progress.

To solve many of humanity’s problems, researchers have called for a slowdown in the growth of rich economies.

“If governments continue to carelessly pursue exponential economic growth at all costs, which in practice clearly requires an increase in resources and pollution, including greenhouse gases, we will eventually fail like any other species,” Kalmus said.

Previously, Kalmus said that humanity “lives on autopilot” and does not make the right decisions that would help save the planet from the effects of climate change.

He also expressed the hope that in the future, the priority for people will not be the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and not the pursuit of enrichment, but the general prosperity.


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