UN spokesman warns world of food shortage threat

(ORDO NEWS) — As a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic, the world could face food shortages. The problem will affect only underdeveloped countries.

The UN representative made a disappointing forecast. So, according to statistics, food has risen in price all over the world, and in some countries it has become completely inaccessible to the population. In the new year, the situation has only worsened.

According to Agnes Kalibata, UN envoy to the Food Systems Summit, many families are completely depleted of food supplies.

It takes at least five years to fight the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The authorities are obliged to do everything to minimize the cost of products.

The food index in December last year broke all records over the past six years, it rose to 107.5 points, which is 2.2% when compared with November.

The increase in the cost of products is associated not only with the pandemic, but also with banal economic laws. Demand has grown significantly, while supply has decreased or, at best, remained the same. As a result, the cost of goods has been raised.


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