UN sounds alarm over new economic threat to humanity

(ORDO NEWS) — Food prices are rising all over the world. UN experts noticed that food prices began to rise in all countries. Over the past 10 years, this is the fastest pace that has been recorded. In May, the cost of food products increased by 39.7%. It is reported by the BBC.

The last time such a price jump was recorded in October 2010. The reason for the shortage and rise in prices for food is primarily associated with coronavirus infection. The quarantine regime and border closures have already caused a gastronomic crisis in African countries.

Quarantine restrictions have not yet been lifted in all countries. Many European countries are now experiencing the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic. India, Brazil, Egypt are sounding the alarm, there are most of all infected with a dangerous infection. At such times, all production is paused.

Therefore, there is a rise in prices, because the demand for goods does not decrease at that time. As it simply does not exist due to the fact that all production is suspended. At the same time, prices are rising for products that we all eat every day: cereals, meat, milk, vegetables. Experts argue that there are big risks that the rise in prices will continue to occur at this pace.

The agricultural sector will start harvesting very soon. However, even this will not make the products cheaper. For third world countries, this can turn into hunger.


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