UN Secretary General said this century could be the last for humanity

(ORDO NEWS) — UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres presented a not entirely rosy scenario for the development of events on Earth. According to him, this century may be the last for humanity. It is worth noting that not everyone shares the point of view of a UN specialist.

An expert in the field of climatology Irina Trofimova has no doubts about the serious consequences of future changes, but she is not sure that the extinction of humanity will not follow. The climate on our planet has changed more than once, but in our case, the changes are anthropogenic: people decided to burn organic reserves that had accumulated in the bowels of the planet for millions of years. Neanderthals once lived on the edge of a glacier, and Cro-Magnons lived in the cold. Modern humanity is also adapting.

Climatologist Svetlana Boychenko called 2020 an abnormal year, but it is still too early to talk about a global catastrophe. The planet has the property of self-regulation, so it can cope with a temperature rise of 2.5 ° C. The real rise is 0.8 ° C.

Writer Alexei Tolkachev fully shares the words of the UN Secretary General. He is sure that people underestimate climate change. Temperature shifts lead to the extinction of animals, the destruction of ecosystems and the disruption of important processes. For example, bees die because of the temperature rise. It is unlikely that people can easily do without these pollinators.

During this century, the consequences of human activities can become fatal. If the situation with the climate and nature as a whole continues to deteriorate, people will definitely have to master a new planet.


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