UN scientists urge people to eat less meat and milk: what you need to know

(ORDO NEWS) — The UN is convinced that people need to limit the consumption of meat and dairy products. Modern fertilizers used in agriculture have a lot of nitrogen. Such products can lead to air, water, climate change, and the ozone layer can also become thinner. Due to the waste resulting from raising animals, the environment is polluted with nitrogen.

The study was conducted by a group of scientists from the UN Food and Agriculture Division, led by Aimbal Uvizai. They were able to find that from all areas of human activity, as a result of animal husbandry, about a third of all nitrogen is released, which enters the environment. This figure reaches approximately 65 terams (tg) per year. That is, as a result of the production of meat and dairy products, the permissible safe limit is violated.

According to experts, the devices used to reduce nitrogen emissions cannot help farmers lower this level to the permissible level. This suggests that in some parts of the Earth, among which, first of all, Europe, North America, Brazil, it is necessary to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products produced.

In the high-risk zone is Asia, where two-thirds of all nitrogen emissions are concentrated, which occurs as a result of agricultural activities. The reason for this, according to Uvizeya, may be an increase in China’s demand for meat and dairy products. Also, this country is moving to larger farms, which complicates the process of processing manure. Also, according to the expert, the discharge of many wastes occurs illegally.

After analyzing the data of the study, during which 275 countries were studied, it was possible to find out that it is more efficient and safer to grow broiler chickens. But cattle breeding is the most dangerous in terms of nitrogen emissions. The pigs on this list are in the middle.


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