UN predicts mass starvation and uncontrolled migration

(ORDO NEWS) — The UN has predicted mass starvation if the food crisis is ignored.

Director of the UN World Food Program David Beasley predicted that humanity will face mass starvation, political destabilization, and uncontrolled migration if no measures are taken to solve the food crisis that currently exists.

“We are already facing an unprecedented crisis, and if we do not deal with it strategically and effectively, then we will face massive famine, destabilization of dozens of countries and mass migration,” the expert said.

According to him, due to the intensification of this problem, next year will be much worse than the current one.

He believes that people in different parts of the world in the next 12 months will have difficulties associated with rising food prices.

Beasley emphasized that ignoring this problem threatens the world with food shortages.


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