UN Glaciers in Austrian mountains will melt by the end of the century

(ORDO NEWS) — By the end of this century, Austrian glaciologists – scientists who specialize in the Earth‘s natural ice – will be out of work.

Within the next 70 years, all glaciers in the Austrian Alps will melt, United Nations (UN) experts predict.

Andreas Knittel, a glacier researcher at the Austrian Alpine Club, has been measuring ice in the mountains near Ankogel for 35 years.

According to him, the protective snow cover on the glacier has halved. At the same time, the rate of glacier retreat is increasing.

By early April 2022, the snow cover on the glacial tongues had melted so much that the sun was melting the ice directly. Andreas Knittel is sure that “any attempts to counteract will not stop the process.”

UN officials confirmed his words: even if CO2 emissions drop to zero now, this will not save the Austrian glaciers.

Nevertheless, glaciologists continue their scientific observations. Some scientists still harbor hopes that some of the glaciers will be saved.

According to glaciologist Andrea Fischer from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, to save mountain ice, it is necessary to stabilize global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

But even so, the retreat of the glaciers will have the most unexpected impact on local ecosystems and economies.

If most of the glaciers disappear, melt water in rivers and reservoirs will also disappear. Then the local hydroelectric power plants may be left idle, reports Euronews.


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