Ukraine should prepare for a new fight with Russia

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — At the same time, Zele – his company is the European partner of the Kremlin project – noted that he does not know the exact timing of the completion of construction.

And he told the truth: now no one knows when the construction of Nord Stream 2 will be completed, and whether it will be completed at all. The Akademik Cherskiy pipe-laying vessel, which was supposed to complete the construction of the gas pipeline after the introduction of American sanctions against Western companies participating in Putin’s adventure, did not reach the place of its possible work and headed in the opposite direction to the port of Nakhodka, where it was located before sailing to the Baltic Sea.

At the same time, we don’t even know to the end whether the Akademik Cherskiy vessel can really be used for the construction of the pipeline or is it another Kremlin bluff.

The situation for Nord Stream 2 is further complicated by the fact that amid a sharp drop in energy demand, the question arises as to the feasibility of an alternative route for delivering gas to Europe. And it reduces interest in continuing the construction of Western lobbyists with Kremlin interests.

This means that for a long time Russia will be directly dependent on transit through the Ukrainian gas transmission system. On the one hand, it follows that the Kremlin cannot afford a big war on Ukrainian territory for fear of destroying the gas pipeline and Gazprom’s profit potential.

On the other hand, the fact that Moscow will strive to destabilize the internal situation in Ukraine, bring an obedient government to power in our country, which will obey the Kremlin’s requirements, which means that it’s the interests of Gazprom.

Each day of delays in launching Nord Stream 2 will increase the Kremlin’s desire for this destabilization and increase pressure on inexperienced Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his entourage. Ukrainians should prepare for a new serious confrontation with the Kremlin, its scouts, diplomats, saboteurs, propagandists and managers of Gazprom. Although, in principle, all of these are the same people.


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