UK talks about the approaching second wave of coronavirus

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(ORDO NEWS) — In European countries, there are individual signs that a second wave of coronavirus may soon begin. In particular, the situation is heating up in the UK: Prime Minister Boris Johnson made such a statement.

According to the politician, signs of a new danger are visible in a number of countries. For the time being, many officials turn a blind eye to the problems, since they have not yet managed to move away from the first wave, while something needs to be done for the second.

The Prime Minister has called for new restrictions on people who come to the UK. The restriction affected Spanish citizens: they must go through mandatory self-isolation within two weeks.

Boris Johnson drew attention to the fact that restrictive measures are forced: now you need to follow quick and decisive actions so that tomorrow there will be no repetition of the spring story.

Of course, the Spanish authorities did not like the British decision: Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez reproached his colleagues for “injustice”, since the British government appeals to some incomprehensible signs, without revealing their essence.

Official statistics say that in the UK there are about 301 thousand cases of coronavirus, and in Spain – 272 thousand Boris Johnson suffered an infection in the spring. Today, as you can see, everything is fine with him: the politician continues to fulfill his duties. The WHO has stated that Covid-19 will not be a seasonal illness like the flu, so all past theories and assumptions can be forgotten.


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