UFOs and spontaneous movement of people in time

(ORDO NEWS) — All over the world, time scientists come across dozens and hundreds of evidence of spontaneous time travel. So far, no one has been able to travel through time intentionally.

Stephen Hawking, being one of the greatest theoretical physicists, rejected the possibility of time travel, but in 2012 he abruptly changed his mind to the opposite.

Modern science is increasingly asking the question: Is time static or not?

They have been trying to answer it for several decades, but so far in vain. Various settings allow you to slow down the passage of time or speed it up by a fraction of a second.

Practical experiments by nuclear physicists in China have confirmed this phenomenon – time can be stretched or accelerated, but so far these are fluctuations that are barely perceptible by technology. Time travel is out of the question. However, they are being done.

According to some reports, in the summer of 1994, Chinese researchers from Yunnan University went to the border with Vietnam to investigate the alleged UFO landing site. Local residents said that near the village of Jinhe, Yunnan province, a rounded object sank into a forest.

When people got there, it turned out that right in the middle of the forest, a deep hole had formed in the ground.

Whether the mysterious device took a soil sample or dug a passage through the ground is unclear. The incident was reported to Kunming and then to Beijing. A group of scientists was organized, which subsequently studied the funnel in the ground.

It turned out that at a depth of 63 meters there were huge deposits of quartz. There were no traces of the object anywhere, but it is obvious that the locals would not have been able to dig such a deep passage in the ground. A team of specialists took measurements, interviewed local residents, and stayed overnight in Jinhe Township.

This event was repeated overnight. The greenish ball landed again on the indicated spot. Awakened researchers hurried to the scene and also witnessed an inexplicable phenomenon. Literally ten seconds after arriving at the failure, the ball flew out of it and disappeared from sight.

In the morning, the experts went down to the bottom again. There is much less quartz left. Moreover, a certain cavity was discovered. Risking their lives, Chinese researchers penetrated it. The cavity was a circular chamber ten meters long, eight meters wide and four meters high.

It was not processed – the walls were different layers of rocks. Then a noise was heard, and the passage to the cavity was blocked. The rescue operation lasted three days, but the researchers could not be found alive or dead.

So far, six specialists from Yunnan University have not been found. However, fans of conspiracy theories do not at all consider the loss real. According to one version, the participants in those events were transported in time.

Written evidence from 1953 was found that five emaciated and dirty people in strange clothes, not typical for that time, came to the Jinhe village. The fate of the sixth participant in the events has not been clarified. They insisted that they were employees of Yunnan University, but the official request did not confirm this.

This is logical, because then they were not even born yet! The local authorities reacted rather harshly to all attempts to present documents and tell something – after a public flogging, people were sent to a correctional colony, where they died in the mid-60s due to unbearable living conditions.

Thus, in China, there may have been a time travel of almost half a century: from 1994 to 1953! Can this story be considered a series of coincidences?

It could have if the Yunnan provincial prosecutor’s office had not conducted an investigation in 2007 at the request of a group of Yunnan University students who believed in a conspiracy version of what happened in 1994. It turned out that the names of all five missing specialists coincided with the names of the defendants in the 1953 case.

Another paradox. In 2010, the Chinese authorities initiated a new study of a quartz vein in Yunnan province. No hole was found in the ground. Moreover, the ground penetrating radar did not detect any voids in the ground at a depth of 100 meters.

But quartz was found, perhaps it was this substance that contributed to the movement of specialists in time?


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