Ufologist reported three “landed UFOs” in Nevada

(ORDO NEWS) — A well-known UFO researcher from Taiwan, Scott Waring, shared with readers of his blog an unusual material sent to him by an eyewitness – a passenger on the plane.

The man flew to Las Vegas and noticed three bright objects below between the mountains. According to an eyewitness, these lights were located about 15-20 miles west of the city.

The video, unfortunately, cannot show how bright these objects were, since it was a sunny day, and the objects glowed like giant welding torches, the light of which was visible for tens of miles.

Ufologist reported three landed UFOs in Nevada 2

Scott Waring is sure that UFO aliens who landed (or hovered above the ground) in these places for a reason got on the video. According to him, a race of tall white aliens lives here.

Their growth is 2-3 meters, and they live for about 800 years. In these places, they allegedly prefer to end their life path because of their cultural beliefs, the ufologist said.

This base is located in a private protected area of ​​Nellis AFB, so it is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and is located next to area 51.

Waring is confident that the recorded phenomenon is one hundred percent proof of the existence of aliens.


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