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Ufologist: aliens live among people

Ufologist aliens live among people

(ORDO NEWS) — Ufologist Senkin believes that aliens who are not like them live among the Russians.

Aliens living in the world, including among the Russians, but they “are not as we imagine,” said ufologist Yuri Senkin . According to him, it is unlikely that aliens are created in the image of a person, since with the development of technology, the risk of exposure is too great.

Over the past 20 years, the opinion has become established in society that such creatures are not a myth, and it is very difficult to convince people of this.

I think that in any way there are aliens among us, but not like we imagine. If you mean that they are created in the image of a person, then it is unlikely – the risk of exposure is too great with the development of technology, scanning electronics. The access system is so strong that it can easily determine anomalies in humans, so it is impossible to adjust an alien to a human in all respects, ”Senkin said.

The expert noted that “it is easier to recode the person himself as a carrier of something alien, such as a self-destructing chip,” than to risk technologies from the category “they are among us”.

Moreover, a person is a spiritual creature, warm, he meets everyone with bread and salt, – summed up Senkin.

In December, it became known that the search and identification of the nature of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) was officially declared one of the important tasks of the Pentagon.

The US Congress has established a special service in the Department of Defense – the Anomaly Tracking and Investigation Department (ASRO). The service will engage in a targeted investigation of messages from the military, mainly pilots, about their encounters with unknown vehicles on the border of the atmosphere and space.


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